Our data helps CFOs make              better informed, faster decisions

In the digital world, companies will fail or succeed based on how quickly CEOs, CFOs and the C-suite make decisions. They need data and insight they’re not getting now.

Industry benchmarking

Unleash the power of our external data and analytics.  Gain a broader and deeper range of metrics for insight you’re not getting from current reporting systems.

Forward-looking data

A combination of your data, our data and prescriptive analytics.  It provides direction and identifies opportunities for improvement.  It’s decision ready, showing you:  What should we be doing?  What are our options? How far do we need to go?  What should be prioritized?

Drive performance

Evaluate best-in-class processes to set baselines to drive where and how to increase performance.  Look across to spectrum: cash management, profitability, sustainable growth, funding, and more.  Improve operational efficiencies and gain a competitive edge.

Improve Accuracy

Better, more reliable data that’s forward-looking improves the accuracy of planning and forecasting.  Make faster, better-informed decisions.  Reduce corporate risk and exposure.

Strenghten Agility

Strive in the digital economy through speed, flexibility and efficiency.  With better, deeper insight become more effective, anticipating and adjusting quicker to changing circumstances.

Better data  .  .  .  Smarter decisions

With better, reliable data CFOs can address issues knowing they have options, understanding their financial impact to make faster, data backed decisions.

The forward-looking advantage

Gartner and Forrester report  .  .  .  Companies that work with forward-looking data and analytics find they are:

3.6x  . . .   find and take out unnecessary costs

3x  . . . .    find improvements in operational decision quality

8x  . . .    achieve faster growth in sales

Data driven CFOs . . .

Increase cashflow / liquidity / funding

Increase performance   ROE / ROA / Margins / Profitability

Monitor company’s financial health across multiple dimensions

Increase planning & forecasting accuracy

Improve resource allocation