Steer your company’s financials with confidence

Financial GPS

A powerful combination of your data and our external data with forward-looking prescriptive analytics for faster, better informed decision making

Deeper broader insight

Do you lead, follow or go counter to your industry?  Gauge your company’s success in different areas.  Clarify which initiatives create value while gaining clarity of best practices.

Look across dimensions

View financial data from multiple dimensions and different perspectives; liquidity – profitability – asset efficiency – leverage – sustainable growth.  See your company holistically for a deeper perspective of the how your company’s performing.

Identify and close gaps

Establish a clear baseline with industry benchmarks to help identify performance gaps.  Evaluate their size, financial impact and options to close these gaps.  Let data, instead of instinct and gut-feel, drive the right course of action.  Reduce the time to close the gaps while optimizing the financial impact.

What-if analysis

Improve the decision process with what-if analysis.  Evaluate different options and approaches, both short and long term.  Understand the financial implications they have individually and collectively.  Improve how resources are prioritized and allocated along with operational efficiencies.

Financial health monitor

Monitor your company 360° to get clarity and a holistic view of the financial health of your company. Be alerted to issues before they become critical, understanding their scope and size.  Become more proactive in addressing and averting financial crisis.

Improve forecasting accuracy

Better, more reliable data helps take the guess work out of planning and forecasting.  Incorporate industry data into your FP&A process, aligning with your strategic initiatives.  Improve reliability and accuracy, making adjustments as your environment quickly changes.

Operational efficiencies

Link data to operations gaining awareness on where, how and by how much operations can be improved.  Lead by setting the industry standards and resource utilization.

Plan . . . Track . . . Adjust

Improve planning and resource allocation.  Stay on top action plan initatives, monitoring the progress and making adjustments as needed.

Creating long term value

Drive strategic decision making while creating sustained value and impact.  Be able to ask the right questions knowing – how is our industry performing and how do we stand; are we trending with or against the industry; how are we holistically performing and where can we improve; how do we gain a competitive edge; do we have the financial resources available to be properly positioned to take advantage of change?

Data driven CFOs outperform

CFOs that relied on empirical data, instead of their instinct, for their decision-making achieved 72% more profits  .  .  .  PWC study