A better way to make CFO-level decisions for the private sector.

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You’re either part of the modern economy, or you’re lost.

The sharing economy is disrupting business as we know it. Open source liberated software. Uber repaved how we travel. Airbnb lets us rest easier anywhere in the world. Yet, for the average company, financial data is still guarded like it’s fine art.

It is information. To unlock its potential, it needs to be part of a larger data share.

CxO Analytics connects business owners and financial professionals with the largest database of private company financials, and easy-to-use views and powerful analytics help companies to focus and improve financial health. By placing your financials in context with other businesses just like yours, our sophisticated analytics make it easy to see how you really stack up in the market, and how you can get ahead.

  • 1M+ database of current US private company financials
  • 2600+ Industries
  • Sophisticated analytics, including prescriptive
  • Do not need to be a CPA to understand

Meet CxO Analytics

I was blessed to start and grow one of my companies from $0 to over $80 million in sales and then exit with an equity sale. I truly believe that, had I known Gary and had access to his financial analytics and data during the last three years I ran that company, we could have easily increased the company valuation by 25-40%. I won’t make the same mistake on my next exit!”

Dennis Brown
Host of Growth Experts Podcast, Speaker, 7x Inc 500