Bringing Clarity to Private Company Financial Data

CxO Analytics is a fintech provider of CFO intelligence that individually helps companies improve their financial health. Our mission to bring clarity to private company financial data is rooted in data. Lots of data. With over 1.2 million US-based private company financials—crossing 2600 industries—our database is the largest of its kind, in fact.

Our database was initially born out of a of a partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the University of Wisconsin in 2000 and was largely used for economic development agencies, universities, and research. Over the last 18 years, the data has been extensively manicured and independently verified as recently as fall of 2017 to prepare the data for rigorous statistical research.

While the data’s roots are steeped in academia, in 2016 CxO Analytics was formed to focus on bringing the research, knowledge and insight of that data to the business world. Using the data itself, academic experts developed various proprietary analytics to streamline how businesses can confidently make financial management decisions and leverage predictive modeling to push their business performance to the top of their sector.

CxO Analytics is a privately owned company—just like its users—and operates out of Atlanta, Georgia.